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Why Install A Fire Protection Sprinkler In Your Home?

See for yourself! The video shows Exactly how Your sprinklers will work. It's a real eye opener!

Why residential fire sprinklers? To Save Lives, reduce injuries, reduce property loss, increases value of the customer’s property and reduces homeowner insurance

What is a multipurpose residential fire protection sprinkler system? Intended to serve both domestic needs in excess of a single fixture and fire protection needs from one common piping system throughout the dwelling. In other words, a tee and separate cut off on the water main to serve the sprinkler system. Using the fire sprinkler main to supply a toilet in the home, ensures the system is always visibly charged.

Who can design and install these systems? Only trained licensed Master Plumbers, also tested by the State of Texas for knowledge of regulations and proper installation, can install these systems, due to potable water being utilized.

Can these systems also be used on homes supplied by well water? Yes, they can, provided the required amount of water can either be pumped at the required rate, or enough storage is available to meet demand parameters.

What do the sprinklers look like? The sprinklers are concealed in the ceiling / wall, with only a small thin plate visible. Various stock colors are available along with custom color availability as well.

How do they work? See the side by side comparison video, the demonstration uses the type of sprinklers installed in these systems. The cover plate and heads each have a different temperature at which they activate. The plate melts, sprinkler drops down and activates at a set temperature.

Component one of two components of the sprinkler.

Component two of two components of the sprinkler.

Side View. The very thin disk you see is the only visible part of the sprinkler, very discreet.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics:

• Over 4,000 deaths in US each year
• A home burns every 74 seconds
• 83% of deaths occur in the home
• A person averages 3-5 fire experiences

AND, usually, it only takes ONE sprinkler head to put out a fire, sprinklers are heat activated and do not all activate simultaneously.

Systems cost less than you might think, around $1.25 / sq. ft., as opposed to the cost of a fire coming in at $150 - $300 / sq. ft., and the possibility of loss of life.

Most fatal fires happen between 1am and 4am, when most people are sleeping.

A 10-year study in Scottsdale, AZ, where an ordinance requiring residential fire sprinklers was implemented, there were 598 home fires, 44 in sprinklered homes. There were No Deaths in the sprinklered homes, 10 people died in homes without sprinklers.

Comparison of Sprinkler vs. Fire Dept.:



30 – 90 seconds after flame

4-15 minutes after being reported

10 – 20 gpm @ 50 psi

200-250 gpm @ 100 psi

Minimal burning

Maximum burning

Room of origin sustainable to life

Entire home unsustainable to life

Operates automatically

Someone has to call fire dept.

ABCO Safety Services is licensed and insured. We can install a custom designed system for your home, providing safety and peace of mind in case of fire in your home. Everyone gets out safely and your insurance company will like it as well!